Seminar Report: Employment Protection in Norway – How It Works

The second CCI seminar was held on 15th November 2016 at Litteraturhuset. The topic of the seminar was about the Norwegian Working Environment Act (Arbeidsmiljøloven) with the title: Employment protection in Norway – how it works? It was a part of the CCI project in 2016, supported by The Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi) and managed by CPN.

Despite it was a cold Tuesday evening, there were still 50 people gathered at the seminar. In addition to pre-registered 47 participants, 7 more persons dropped in. Most of the participants were immigrants. The ethnic background of the participants spread over 17 different countries.

Report of CCI Workshop II Guidance on Entrepreneurship – From Ideas to Results

The second workshop entitled "Guidance on Entrepreneurship – From Ideas to Results" was successfully carried out on Sunday, 30 October, with emphasizing on issues from the business ideas to the results, and marketing skills as well.

Major speaker, Mr. Truls Berg, has seasoned ICT executive with more than 25-year experience as a serial entrepreneur, CEO, and business developer. He is a founding partner of Digital Insight and the leader of Open Innovation Lab of Norway and the founder and previous Secretary General of Innovation Forum Norway, a Norway's leading forum for Innovation Professionals with more than 600 members. He is also a co-author for a number of published books.

CCI Seminar: Employment Protection in Norway – How it Works?

2016 CCI Seminar 1602

Kjelleren, Litteraturhuset, Oslo

Tuesday, November 15. 2016 17:00-19:30pm

The coming CCI's seminar will address on the following issues: What are the basic rules to protect workers in Norway? How those rules work in working life? And what workers can or should do regarding to the rules.

Mr. Tron Dalheim from the law firm Arntzen de Besche will give an introduction of the Norwegian Working Environment Act (Arbeidsmiljøloven), and will use some law cases to explain how the employment protection rules are applied in practice. Mr. Harald Stavn from NITO (Norges Ingeniør- og Teknologorganisasjon) will present the role of trade union in the working life of Norway. He will highlight on what the trade union can do for employees to protect their rights, and how the negotiation processes are conducted between the trade union and employers.

New CPN Board for term 2016-18

CPN Board has held the first board meeting 13th October. The board members followed the CPN constitution and elected Dr. Zhang Xiuhua as the CPN President and allocated other 8 board members to different posts as follows:

  • Vice President/PR, Dr. Wang Xinli
  • Vice President/Program Manager, Dr. Cai Xing
  • Vice President/HR, Ms. Li Li
  • Vice President/Culture, Dr. Wang Yun
  • Vice President/Sports, Mr. Shao Renjie
  • Vice President/Academic Affairs, Mr. Zhang Li
  • Vice President/Business Affairs, Mr. Su Ji
  • Vice President/Young Talents, Mr. Zeng Cheng